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True Italian vibes and atmosphere

Lindy Hop, Boogie Woogie & More

International Teachers & Bands

Vintage Market, Dance Contest,  

3 Days of Swing, Rhythm&Blues and Rock'n'roll


Official T-Shirt
PYS 2024

You can order it during registration and pick it up directly at the event




Who we are?

Pumpyourswing is an event that started in 2019, had to stop for two years due to covid, and then saw its second edition in 2022. Now it is ready to stage its third act in December 2023. It is a festival dedicated to all those who love swing and rock'n'roll culture in its entirety. It focuses on the three main dance disciplines as well as Lindy hop, Boogie-woogie and Balboa. It hosts some of the best bands (from Italy and abroad) ranging from the typical 1920s sound to rhythm and blues to the early rock'n'roll of the 1950s. PYS is a festival that doesn't want to exclude anyone and doesn't play favorites or discriminate.

For us, it's all about rhythm.


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